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Here, You Will Find a Wide Range of Healthy Dairy Products

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What We Do

Currently We Are making and producing Organic Products


Favorite Milk

Our bath milk epitomizes luxury unpasteurized and raw, it's milked directly from grass-fed cows. Our bovine beauties graze on natural pastures year-round, relishing organic grass and benefiting from organic supplementary feed.
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Milk Farm

Jersey Cows: The Weemilah DifferenceAt Weemilah, we exclusively rear Jersey Cows, renowned for their A2/A2 superior protein and milk fat content. Our bath milk epitomizes luxury—unpasteurized and raw, it's milked directly from grass-fed cows. While our farm milk is crafted for cosmetic uses, its purity is unmatched.
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Dairy Production

Our Farming PhilosophyOur commitment to the environment and premium produce has led us to embrace micro farming. With a keen focus on regenerative and organic techniques, every aspect of our farming is designed to be sustainable, ensuring the land remains fertile for generations to come.
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Sustainable Farming

Healthy, Resilient Cows for Organic Dairy Farming

Organic Certification

By Using Our Products You Choose Health

Our Journey to Organic Certification

Although Weemilah Farm is in the process of obtaining official organic certification, our practices and dedication remain unwavering. From the field to the bottle, every step echoes our commitment to quality and sustainability.


Amazing Qualiaty

Organic Dairy Farming

Organic Milk and Dairy Products, Crafted with Innovation, Respect for Nature, and Care.

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